Geshe Thupten Phelyge, guest lecturer, Cohort II

Dr. Alicia Williams (new GLJI Board Member) showing Gov. Newsom her ACES enrich environment in SJUSD

Leslie Napper, Graduate Cohort II, 2023, Sacramento

Mahi Oluma, Graduate, Cohort II 2023, Boston, MA

Bob Wing, author and activist addresses Cohort I, 2020

Dr. Angela Davis keynotes Cohort I graduation, August, 2020

Graduation ceremony via Zoom, August 29, 2020 

This page is intended to share pictures and new information about the progress of the Grantland Johnson Institute of Leadership Development.  We hope you will enjoy our new entry from 2018, celebrating the 3rd year as a non-profit and hosting the community launch on September 29th, 2018.
Judge Kim Mueller (Board Member) facilitating the Cohort I, August, 2018

Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones opening Cohort 1 August, 2018

The wonderful space at 1801 L St. 

The Launch with participants sharing, September 29, 2018(Grantland's 70th!)

Board Officer Sandra Simpson-Fontaine, guests Faye Kennedy and Dr. Bill Bronston

Poster of Grantland's service at City, County, Federal and State levels over the years. Photos courtesy of The Observer.

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